Thursday, December 27, 2012

Milestones and Mark-making

In the midst of December's chaos Brush and Baren quietly passed its sixth blogoversary. 764 posts, 200-plus subscribers, and many more lurkers after I first clicked the publish button I am gratified and humbled that so many readers have come along for the ride.

I've made some good friends here in the blogosphere... most of whom I haven't yet met in person. But how nice it is to imagine that wonderful "someday" when I will share a delighted laugh and a hug with the flesh-and-blood people behind posts that have made me smile, and ponder, and laugh, and appreciate, and most of all work harder at my craft.

One of the earliest connections I made was with the amazing work of Katherine Tyrrell over at Making a Mark. Katherine maintains some of the most extensive online resources for artists that I've ever found, and she's a darn good artist herself. I've never been able to figure out how she manages to do it all, but I'm very glad that she does.

For the past year Brush and Baren has been sporting the "Going Greener Gong," an honor bestowed through the annual Making a Mark Awards for art bloggers. I'm going to have to retire the badge in a few days, to make room for the next proud recipient. But gee whiz! Yesterday I learned that my little magpie linocut made the short list for this year's Making a Mark Prize for the Best Portrayal of Nature. Wow.

Other prize categories include portrait, still life, and place... and I urge you grab yourself a cuppa and take some time to explore the offerings.  There's some fine, fine work there, and I'm pleased to be included. You can view all the nominated work and participate in the voting on the Making a Mark page here.


  1. Woo-hoo! Too cool! I went to her blog and voted for you. Fingers crossed....

  2. Actually you get to keep the Gong as it's very specifically for 2011 - so no chance of confusion with the 2012 winner!

    Besides which Kate Johnson still has her up from 2009 on Sketching in Nature!

  3. Congratulations! I was so glad to see your beautiful work there. I haven't been doing much printing lately, but looking at your work sure gets me inspired to get back there. Your magpie is really a spectacular piece.

  4. Happy blogoversary, Brush & Baren! I'm glad you're still here.

  5. Congrats Sherry! This Lino so deserves complete recognition!!