Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More progress on the coot linocut

Things are moving ahead in the studio this week.... a little erratically, perhaps, but they are moving.

A recap of where we were a few days ago:

The third pass on this reduction linocut gave the water ripples more variety, but I decided it wasn't quite enough. I did some more carving and then applied another ochre-to-green pass on the right side of the imge.

More interesting, don't you think?

So now it's time, as I suggested before, to spend a little time with our buddy the coot. It's a funny sort of business here because he's mostly backlit. In case you're not familiar with the American coot, it's a dark gray bird with a black head. I find it challenging to hit the right value in cases like this... There are still some very dark reflections intended in the water and I don't want the bird to either stand out too much or get lost in the dark-to-come. Hm.

This first gray seemed a little wishy-washy, but I tried not to worry about it too much. Hardly any of it will remain in the final image.

Today I added a darker gray, and I flip-flop between thinking it's good and thinking it's too dark. Subsequent passes will decide whether I do, indeed, flip or flop.

Everything's a bit wet now, so there will be a pause of a couple of days before much more happens with this piece.


  1. I so enjoy following along with your process. Can't wait to see what comes next! xxoo

  2. It's growing beautifully. I just had a look at some of the prints on your website and will start saving. I'd love something to hang on my wall to inspire me!

  3. He's coming alive. Another one following the progress of this one many colours I wonder? :)


  4. Gee, I kinda wonder what comes next, too. And how many colors. I think 4 more, but could be wrong. I often am. ;-)

    Angie and Wendy... any relation?

    Hm. And Angie reminds me that the website needs updating. (sigh) It never ends.

  5. No relation I think. I'm in the UK and I don't think my husband's family has any links to the US.
    Sorry about the website comment :-)

  6. I love this little coot already! Can't wait to see what happens next when the prints are dry enough to for the next four or five or however many colors....