Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shows are up, ink is down!

It's good to be home after a wild couple of days on the Front Range, especially since we are finally getting our first real snowfall of the year today. Even though these flakes are not particularly moisture-laden, we appreciate every one of them here in our drought-stricken state. The local ski area, which typically opens the third week in November, has had to lay off all its workers (including management) for lack of snow. Fingers crossed that they get a boost today.

Friday night's opening at Abend Gallery was packed with art-lovers (and some buyers, too, by golly). Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening and for yesterday's demo session. So fun to see some friends I hadn't seen in ages... including Joseph, who I think I last saw 30 years ago! Amazing.

It was all so busy that I of course forgot to take any photos until just before I cleaned up my demo area. Not very interesting to look at, eh?

The show is up through December 29, so catch it if you can.

With all the yakking that went on with friends old and new I almost lost my voice, and I ran out of time to do any printing during my demo! It was so fun to explain the process and to let people handle blocks and tools and samples that time just evaporated.

I did, however, get all the carving done for the next step in the current linocut, so this snowy morning was perfect for a little ink-slinging.

This step added some color to the left side of the block (right side of the print). Here you see the block inked with a blended green-to-yellow-ochre.

And here we have the printed pass side-by-side with the previous stage of the piece.

This image is 8" x 10"– more than twice the size of the magpie – but I think it will be finished more quickly. (Not as many color passes planned.) I've been mentally incubating a larger piece and I'm getting ready to jump in soon. A trip to the lumber yard for a big piece of MDF on which to mount some lino is in order!

Three passes for four colors.
Until then, it's back to the carving table. I believe it's time to start showing some love to the little coot. (Coot. That's his species, not a comment on his personality.)


  1. That looks like another contender for Birds in Art.... Good going! Stay warm in the Big City. It's zero here this morning and we didn't get any snow worth talking about, but Monarch is reporting 15 inches and an opening date of Friday. Yay!

  2. I love watching your prints develop and I learn from each one! As always, you make it look so easy, but we know that is a special gift of only the very talented!