Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gannet linocut: Really finished this time

Gannets, reduction linocut, 16" x 12"

It's a small fix, and I'm not completely satisfied with it, but at least I don't feel like I've left something undone now.

The top bird's lower wing.. the primary coverts were a single flat (too dark) color because I forgot to carve out the lighter bits WAY early on. After several (lousy) attempts I finally hit on a light color to add back and break up the solid shape without looking too clunky.

So... what's next? I'm not entirely sure... I have ducks and sparrows and a landscape in the queue.... Time to go shuffle images around and see what clamors loudest for my attention.


  1. Took me a few minutes going back and forth between posts to figure out where you were talking about. Beautiful save! and a Beautiful piece. I still admire my little piece I have of yours each day.

  2. Such a lovely piece, probably only you new that there was something that needed fixing.

  3. this is just gorgeous! this is probably one of my favourites that you have done, the colours are wonderful and the birds really look like they are flying through the air

    hmm maybe a lands scape to get a break from the birds?

  4. It's a wonderful print!!! I especially like the composition of this one, bursting out of the frame!
    best wishes

  5. Hey, Toni! It's nice to think of a piece living with you. Makes me smile.

    You might be right, Penny, but you know how it is. It was the only thing I saw every time I looked at it.

    Heh... I'd like to get on to a landscape, Jen.. I have bird-related deadlines approaching so I think I'm going to do one more before I can switch gears again. I do have two blocks drawn up as of last night!

    Thank you, Kate... it's a design element I've used a few times now and in the right circumstances I think it's really effective. I'm glad you like it!

  6. Looks amazing. And "watching" the process was breathtaking.

  7. The colors in the rolling ocean are so beautiful against the gannets (or vice versa). This one is a feast for the eyes, for sure!

  8. This looks really good Sherrie. I like sea birds fun to spot the ones that are hard to find.