Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wood Duck linocut: Steps 5 - 8

So yes, indeed, the subject matter for this linocut is the flamboyant wood duck. Well, the male wood duck is flamboyant, anyway.

It's a strange critter to try to do in reduction because there are SO MANY colors on the silly thing. Probably a multi-block approach would have been more efficient, but since when has being a printmaker had the slightest thing to do with efficiency?

Step 5: Surprise! He's not alone.
So far we have the initial blue-gray pass, then two yellows and the rust. But here's a surprise... perhaps you hadn't noticed the small white marks below our handsome male-to-be! Looks like he's going to have a sidekick.

Step 6. Another yellow?
But the male is demanding more attention [insert your preferred commentary here], so it's back to his side for a third yellow. I suspect that as things progress I will find this was overkill, but I tend to err on the side of inefficiency, remember?

Step 7: A second rusty color.

By this point I'm starting to feel impatient with all these noodly little shapes, but it's not quite time to make a bold move yet. A bright blue provides some cheer, at least.

Step 8: Cheery blue

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  1. And I was wondering why (previous post) you were attempting a reduction of...con trails? ;-)

    Must look up your wood duck. The local one is less colourful.