Sunday, November 10, 2013

Linocut in Progress: Laughing gulls

Many thanks to fellow printmakers who commiserated with the minor geographic inconvenience of a studio away from the house. It's good to know one isn't alone in one's 'druthers, and I quite liked being the clearinghouse for "guilty" studio habit secrets. ;-)

I'm finding weekends to be my best times in this new space, mostly because I have the building more or less to myself. During the week other offices have folks coming and going, which I find unsettling. Yes, another studio quirk: I like to have as much control over my soundscape as possible. You know how important it is to have quiet when one is playing Star Trek episodes as background company for the umpty-bazillionth time.

Slowly but surely the birds have begun to emerge in this linocut-in-progress.

Laughing gull linocut, Step 5
Given their postures you probably won't be at all surprised to learn that I'm working on a species called "laughing gull." Of course seabird researchers will tell you that their incessant calling is not the least bit funny when you're sharing an island with them for weeks on end.

Laughing gull linocut, Step 6
There is at least one more gray to go, but at this point I was getting pretty darn tired of the same inks over and over so I decided to do some spot printing in the birds' bills. I think here that they look like either old ladies or two-year-olds with questionable lipstick application skills.

Laughing gull linocut, Step 7
And then back to gray. Obviously Steps 6 and 7 were shot at two different times of day... Step 6 is entirely too dark overall. That would have been a night shot. Many are the times I've found myself wandering out of here after dark– not a huge stretch since it's dark by 5:30 pm. Thank goodness the winter solstice is only what? Six weeks away? Five? But who's counting?

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