Sunday, February 2, 2014

Linocut in Progress: Noodly bits

Cormorant linocut: Step 5

The tide is low in the Gulf of Maine and our trio of cormorants is perched above the splash zone... soooooo.... the next color down is rockweed ochre. This required a bit more muscle than expected as the print was probably bordering on too wet. But I powered on through and they're all hanging tidily on the rack.

Cormorant linocut: Noodly little carving

Should be plenty of time for drying now... look at all the noodly bits of carving I have to do! Kind of fun, but it definitely requires a lot of getting up to wander around and look at something else to give my eyes and wrist a break. But never fear. If Annie Bissett can carve the entire text of the first page of Genesis from wood, then surely I can manage a bunch of weedy little dots in lino.

I do, however, think I require a cookie before I can go on today. Since there are none in the studio... it's time to take a walk!


  1. darn, i was wrong with the next colour :p

    you def. deserve a cookie, or 2 to carve all that!

  2. I've been following your blog for about six months now, and I'm always amazed at the depth and detail of your work! I'm always excited for your next post, and this design is no different... Thanks for inspiring me to keep getting better at my own printmaking endeavors! I can't wait to see what's next for the cormorants.

  3. Love the print
    I'm glad I found your blog.
    Each time I read here, I feel a tug to use the lino blocks in my storage cabinet, and get to finally open the tub of ink. Plans are plans, but it sometimes takes inspiration to push forward. Thank you

  4. Hey Jen... if you REALLY look at rockweed sometimes it's a kind of greenish-ochre, so you're not far off. ;-)

    Welcome, Wade and Maywyn... I'm so happy you took the time to comment and let me know you find helpful things here at Brush and Baren! Always feel free to ask questions if I don't explain something well, I'm happy to help where I can.

  5. Thanks for the welcome! Your blog has been incredibly helpful and inspirational for me as I've started learning! Thanks for being so accessible for newcomers like me!