Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back Where I Started

Maine said goodbye in the same way it greeted me in May: With rain and mist and a sigh.

But before that, things were a blur of activity. Some teaching, some drawing, some socializing.

Rockweed, leaf, and crab carapace

What's Maine without lobsters?

Blueberry, beard lichen, plant life

View from the Queen Mary deck
I've been back in Colorado for a couple of days now, but am finding the transition a little bumpy. I've had to hit the ground running-- shipping sold work, framing and ordering frames for upcoming shows, plowing through three months of mail and bookkeeping. My internet service was reinstalled this morning... and slowly but surely I'm finding my feet again.

Evening comes to Hog Island
I'm anxious to get back to work on linos... in fact it's imperative that I do so soon. I'm scheduled to give a demo at the Woodson Art Museum's "Birds in Art" exhibition in less than two weeks and I have nothing started. Eek. Tomorrow will be one more day of "other stuff," but Monday it's back to the studio! Hooray!

Still, it's hard to listen to the sounds of town and remember that for the last three months I've had seabirds, loons, waves, and boats as my background soundtrack. But as Dr. Seuss said, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." And I've got a lot to smile about.

One more sunset from the island


  1. yeah getting use to different sounds at night or lack of them as the case may be here, took me awhile to get use to when I moved here. was so use to hearing frogs and bugs (lot of bugs :p) at night found it really strange you don't here them here even where we are

  2. Yep, definitely challenging to be back in town, on a busy street, when I've spent three months with no cars at all. But once I get back in the studio tomorrow I hope that it will all just feel normal again. :-/

    (PS: How ARE you, Jen?)

  3. stupid blogger think it ate my comment :p

    I'm ok, thank you for asking :)

    We live off the main road, so hardly any traffic. not sure I could go back to living so close to the road again, even tho I know people do get use to it. its so much quieter and it also means lots of birds and red squirrels :D

  4. Hey Jen, I'm glad you're doing okay... I saw the post-surgery pix go by... wow! Crazy. Yep, near the road is taking adjusting, but today I walked down to the river and reminded myself that there are great things about being back here.