Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fieldwork...umm... Wednesday?

It's Tuesday evening here in Muscongus Bay. I'm still on Hog Island, where Family Camp began this evening in a deluge. We have big rain forecast all night, so I battened down the hatches at the Cottage and came in to camp. Everything is quite snug out there, but I'm on deck to teach a workshop in camp tomorrow and depending on the weather it might happen first thing in the morning. It seemed prudent to spend the night here rather than start my day hoofing it in through rain and mud.

I've been finding a rhythm out in my little cabin in the woods. Sketches are being made, albeit slowly and without much focus. It's been a long time since I let myself draw any old thing that appealed to me, so here's a peek at what's been catching my eye.

Beach pea and driftwood on the rocks below the Cottages

A chicken skeleton in the bio lab

Crab leg twelve ways. (Embiggenable with a click)

View across Porthole Cove to the Helm cabin.

Mayflower, starflower, and something I don't know. Also embiggenable.

Red spruce

Suddenly my entire summer away from Colorado is almost over. Hard to believe I've been away since May, and harder yet to think of leaving the island in just two weeks. It's been a great adventure and I am not at all ready for it to end.

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