Thursday, January 14, 2016

Linocut in (semi) progress: A hint

I've squared-up a piece of lino 18" x 18," so I guess my next piece is going to be another large-ish one.

Here's a corner of the drawing-in progress. Gee... what do you think it will be? (Bonus points if you can tell me the species and sex of the featured fowl.)

It's gonna be another crazy one, but I'm looking forward to it. Aiming to get the drawing finished today, but probably won't get it committed to lino until next week since I'm headed out of town again for a few days. I'm being pulled in so many different directions right now that it's going to feel really good to sit down and just CARVE for a while.


  1. is it eating a crab??

    no idea of what the fowl would be, besides a duck maybe lol

  2. 'Tis a tiny crab, yes! And a duck... bufflehead. Do you have those in your corner of the world?

  3. lots of ducks, but most of them around here are just your everyday mallards, and swans, nothing too exciting :p

    if you go near Perth, you do get coots and a few other sea birds, but here there isn't a body of water. do get a lot of raptors tho with all the fields and forests around :) about 20 mins away is the North Sea, so you get different sea birds as well but sadly none right here :/

  4. :-]]]]]]]]]]]]] luckily went and did some homework on Jennifer's Perth :-]]]]] - mine is NOT near the North Sea.!! No Baffleheads here either........... am following with interest. Thanks

  5. :-) Ah, yes... it's good to know which Perth!

  6. Is it a female buffleheads? Love your work!