Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chiming Bells linocut: The Finish

"Chiming Bells," reduction linocut, 7" x 5", edition of 20-something!

The title of this post should probably be "Chiming Bells Linocut: The Poorly Documented Finish," but hey...

I'm sort of jumping the gun by putting the final image at the head of the post, but since I neglected to take photos of one of the intermediate steps I figured I'd go ahead and let you see how it ended and you can skip the rest if you like.

Lots of things conspired to keep me from performing my documentation duties this past week. I had company. I had a birthday. I had a cold. I had an exhibition opening in another part of the state. (And I won an award there, too. Yay!) Excuses, excuses, I know. But after all that it felt really good to finally get back to the studio and wrap this up.

If you're still with me after all this whining, here's the one intermediate step that I did photograph:

Chiming bells linocut almost finished, Step 14.

I liked the darker teal green color in the background, but it still didn't seem quite rich enough. I carved a little more and printed a transparent brown... which I quite liked but of course neglected to photograph. I also liked putting some subtle shapes in the background instead of just that flat dark, so I carved a few more leaves and stems and hit the whole thing with one more pass of the dark blue-brown after that and called it done.

As for that award I mentioned... "Dinner Party" won an Award of Merit at the Colorado Governor's Show this past weekend. The show continues at the Loveland Museum through May 29. Do try to give it a look if you're in the neighborhood. Although I'm sorry to say that you've already missed the "La Traviata" flash mob performed at the opening by the Loveland Opera, but you can see a video here.

"Dinner Party," reduction linocut won an Award of Merit at the Colorado Governor's Show.


  1. Congratulations ------------ wonderful and most deserved. I really loved the Flash "Mob" too ;-]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  2. I love what the background leaves do --- interesting how much my eye misses them when I go back to the "previous" one. And the Darker background makes the top leaves pop.

  3. Thanks, Fay! It's funny, isn't it... The last stages are always a delicate dance. Is it done yet? Does it need one more bit of something? I didn't want the background to get too busy... but after I put in those few stems the whole thing became more satisfying.

  4. congrats on the award!!

    and its a nice finish to the flowers :)

  5. Thanks, Jenn! (I can never decide if I should use one N or two... and probably you hate being called Jen anyway. Sorry. :-/)

    In other news... I see you are still having snow. So are we. There was a great Hobbit-y meme about Second Winter going around, but I think we're on Third Winter now and I'm quite ready for it to be over.

  6. no need for apologies,Jen, Jenn doesnt matter which :) Not too keen on Gen/Genn tho. just light snow today but snow back on the hills

  7. Right. No Gen/Genn. ;-) Finally stopped snowing here today. Hooray!