Friday, April 8, 2016

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Longtime readers may remember that a few years back I acquired an old Challenge proof press from friends who were moving out of the country. I named her Presszilla.

I had big plans for her. I was going to clean her up, get her inking assembly working again, and launch into a sideline of artist's books. Sure, I'd have to buy some type. And some book-binding materials. And....

But time went by and I discovered I had neither space nor time to get Presszilla in order. She's been languishing in storage and my guilty feelings have multiplied.

Yesterday, however, she took off on a new adventure. She's on her way to a new home with folks in Virginia who will love and cherish her. Fare thee well, Presszilla! I can't wait to see what rolls off your press bed.


  1. Wow -square footage reclaimed for breathing and something el$e

    1. I didn't get to reclaim square footage, but I DO get out from under a monthly storage fee. And Presszilla gets to live with people who will love her. Yay!

  2. I remember Presszilla fondly from her stay in the garage at the big house. I'm glad she's off to a new home, and you don't have the storage fee any longer. Will the new caretakers send updates? ;)

  3. yay for not having to pay a storage fee, money to put towards more print supplies :D

  4. Hopefully I'll hear how she settles in Virginia, would love to see some work that comes from her. And yes, yay for more money for supplies. ;-)

  5. I remember when you bought that little beauty! I hope her new owners will get much joy and wonderful creations from her.