Monday, May 14, 2018

Coming soon to a neglected blog near you!

That's the new studio space behind the double doors!

The most protracted studio shift in history (okay, maybe not in history, but it's been close!) is about to come to an end! I think.

The first hurdle was surmounted two weeks ago when I finally found a place to land. With some help I collected the household goods from their assorted hidey holes across midcoast Maine and have steadily been setting down some roots.

At the end of last week I had my first visitors "from away"! Friends from Colorado turned up on my new Maine doorstep, so I took a little break from emptying boxes and we visited some quintessential coastal sights. The Pemaquid Point lighthouse is a whopping 12 minutes from my new digs, and it was a brilliant day to be out and about.

All of this is great, but the studio isn't in place yet. Getting the press and my work tables and flat files out of storage will be no small feat, but I think it's finally going to happen this week! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Naturally the day I had a crew organized to help is the one day that it will be raining, so we're on to Plan... C? D? R? I've lost track.

The studio-to-be! Embiggenable with a click!

I'm so twitchy to get back to work I can hardly stand it. It's going to take a while to understand how paper and ink will behave in my new, more humid environment, and I've got projects lined up left and right. It's been so long now that I sometimes despair of ever getting ink on paper again. Patience? I'm pretty much out of it.

But I'm sure that once everything is in place and I can start pushing lino and tools around I'll forget all this anxiety and we can get back to the business of watching the craziness unfold, one blog post at a time.


  1. Fingers crossed for the moving gods to smile on the studio move. As for the printing issues once you get all set up in your new environment, you'll figure them out. You always do, no matter the obstacles. You're amazing that way.

    1. Thanks, Susan. It's been fun to watch your transition, too. I did consider Cody for a while when I was thinking about a move... but I was ready to try life in a foreign country. Which Maine is, practically. ;-)

  2. looking forward to seeing the new studio space :)

    1. You and me both!!!! Hopefully we'll get everything moved tomorrow and I'll get set up on Friday and wheeeeeee! Working by the weekend!

  3. Courage !
    et après ce ne sera que du bonheur
    à bientôt avec des nouveaux beaux tirages


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