Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Goin' Art Ranchin'

It's that time again! Colorado Art Ranch Artposium in Trinidad this coming weekend.

Presenters include Dr. Marci Bowers, authors Laura Pritchett, Joe Quirk and Charles Baxter, film studies professor Melinda Barlow, and artists Katy Haas and Mark Newport.

Oh, and the DM and Gavin Maurer will be playing torch songs at the Friday night reception.

There's still time to rustle up a seat... come on down and join us!


turtlewoman said...

Hi Sherrie, I just happened to click on "DM" in this post (just realized it was a hot link). I listened to some of the music - it is gorgeous! This is stuff I could listen to all day and not get tired of. I could even play this CD quietly in my classroom while my students are doing their indoor journal writing/drawing. Your DM should update his blog more often -really get the word out. Now I'm going to go back and purchase his CD.


Sherrie Y said...

Thanks, Lindy! I made sure he saw this comment just to keep the momentum going. The CD is almost done... I think this week we'll nail down the last bits for the packaging design and hopefully the final tweaks will happen. Expect a grand announcement when the release happens!

turtlewoman said...

I will look for the grand announcement and then place my order :-D


BTW - I was able to watch and get a pic. of a Roadrunner sitting in our Mesquite tree in our backyard. It's on my blog. I love watching these funny fellows but they eat the Collared lizards. Roadrunners will kill and eat rattlers. I wish they would concentrate on those buzzworms and leave our little lizards alone.