Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cow. Of course.

The Monterey Peninsula College print club declared a print holiday today, and asked printmakers everywhere to do their thing for printmaking and unity. It looked for a while as if I might miss the bus for this one, but this afternoon I managed to squeak in the start of a tiny reduction linocut. It's gonna be a cow. Of course.

In other news, after untold frustrating hours wrestling with the last necessary file, the nine Collegiate Peaks Byway interp panels are off to the fabricator. Ginormous files and temperamental FTP sites meant I was trying to upload until nearly midnight last night, but I was determined to be done with it. Sadly I had to finish this morning, but used the time to work on my art inventory database. One eye on the FTP client to make sure it didn't drop me AGAIN, and one eye on the database.

It's going to be slick once I get it all together, but UGH. It's a tad tedious at the moment. Maybe because I'm simultaneously trying to learn the software and do the work. Well, that, and my previous record-keeping was, shall we say, spotty? And about two months elapse between each time I sit down to work on it... and...

The software I'm using is a nifty little application based on Filemaker called Flick! One doesn't need Filemaker to run it, and it's only $30. It doesn't do everything I'd like, necessarily, but it actually has a way to manage editioned work. Those clever Aussies.

We had a little rain shower today, it started the moment the DM and I left the café to walk home, turned into a downpour three blocks from the house, and stopped about the time we got in the door. Figures, huh? But it was delightful to smell rain, even when being pummeled by it.

Hopefully the next color will go down on the lino at some point tomorrow.... stay tuned.


  1. I just found out about the MCP holiday thing today. And on my side of the Dateline...I've missed, but will aim for next year.

    Nice cow!

  2. I totally forgot about Print Day! That's what comes of never knowing what day it is. I did print a very strange monotype yesterday with Neocolor II Watersoluble wax pastels but didn't think to post it. I guess there is always next year.

    I already love your cow, Sherrie.

  3. Perhaps we'll have to schedule our own print day, eh? Hm... that might actually be fun. Not right this minute, mind you...

  4. a print holiday is a great idea :D

    i haven't heard a bad thing about Flick, lots of artists are using it. i only have the trial version so can't do everything with it but once I can get the full version I am going to. I could make my own database but I'm lazy :p

    you cow looks really good :D She needs a name now, proper cows have names ;) (I'm full of sugar so apologise for the odd comment :p)

  5. Say the word, I'll be ready! :)

  6. Jennifer... she DOES have a name! It's a secret for now, just in case she's recognized. Witness protection and all that. But once she's finished.... :-)

    Lemme think about our own print holiday. I'm sorta thinking it might be fun to do a print studio circus or something like that!

  7. Jennifer? A cow named Jennifer? She looks pretty cool, at least so far!

    I'm sorry we missed the five-minute shower yesterday, and I wish it was as spring-green here as it was in the Denver Metro area where we've been since Weds. Home now, and glad of it. I'm actually looking forward to two and a half weeks at home so I can make some progress on my deadlines. Being at home and producing seems like a vacation after all this book promo stuff. (Is that sick, or what?)

  8. "...schedule our own print day..."
    Yes! Me, too. Give me enough time and I'll do a reduction.(Yes, I've been practising.)

  9. Hmmm... okay... I'm going to give some serious thought to a virtual print event. Because we all need something else to do.

    Susan, welcome home. If it's any consolation, there are warblers gnatcatchers and orioles, oh my! All turned up in the last 4 or 5 days.