Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shooting for the stars starting Wednesday

I spend time at the end of each year looking ahead to goals and plans for both my personal and my professional life. (Not resolutions. Goals.)

I check in with my list from time to time during the year, but always put some quality time into review when June rolls around. It's perfect timing, then, that friend and colleague Alyson Stanfield is launching an online course than includes goal planning and accomplishment this coming Wednesday.

I'll be there, since the class promises to be a great blend of motivation, coaching, and practical tools. Check out this description of course components:
  • Commit to accepting responsibility for your life (rut ro!)
  • Capture your Vision and plan to enact it
  • Monthly financial worksheet (getting a grip on your financial situation)
  • 2009 Plan for continuing education and handling your information overload
  • Identify tasks you can hire out (or let go of)
  • Complete a challenging (but workable) plan for the entire year
Summer schedules are already insane... so I say, "Why not add some focus to all that running around?" Besides, since the course is online, it's one more thing I can do in my jammies. And we all know how well that works! You can find out more about the class on Alyson's website.

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  1. This sounds like a great class. Please be sure to keep us all updated on your progress and your feelings about having taken this class when it is all over.