Friday, June 1, 2007

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

I just got off the phone with a friend and colleague in Montana.

Friday 4:00pm phone calls should always be regarded as suspicious, and this one was no exception. (Read: great potential project, extremely short timeline for production thereof, requiring the engagement of mental gymnastics and calendar-shuffling.) Still, it's always nice to be thought of at the start of a weekend, by friends and by colleagues and by people who are both.

True to form, though, it was a multi-tasking sort of phone call: Bob in one ear and a block, a brayer, a baren, a spoon, and prints in my hands*. (*Of which I do only have two, but often seem to have or at least require more.) I hadn't planned to finish this little thing until tomorrow, but at 3:30 it seemed quiet. No email blips. Phone silent for at least an hour. East coast clients all headed home for the weekend. Surely it's safe to go ahead and roll out the ink.

Silly me.

But here's a little shot of the new linocut. Too wet for the scanner... I expect a better image will appear here in a couple of days.
Yikes! I just saw the little blip that said Blogger's going down for a "scheduled outage" in 7 minutes. Gotta run!

Update: Three cheers for cobalt dryer. After many last-minute panics over prints that weren't drying in time to get in a frame, I broke down and got a bottle of slightly-scary blue chemicals. (The label says: "Known to be carcinogenic in California," but since I'm not there I figure I'm safe.) One little drop in a pile of ink and voila! Dry print. So now a better scan for your blog-surfing pleasure.

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