Sunday, June 3, 2007


Last year I waited all season for the wild iris to bloom along the river. Every day I walked past the little clumps of buds.... impatient for them to open.

Which they, of course, did while I was away.

Early last week I saw that this season's bloom was underway, but this morning was the first opportunity to eek out an hour to run down there and make a sketch. Some of the clusters have faded already (she who hesitates is lost)... but there are a few at their peak. And a few left to bloom.

I'm home for a bottle of water and a hair scrunchy... forget work, I'm gonna go draw. (Oh, wait. Drawing IS my work!)


  1. June 1 was the first day of winter here but something's gone awry with the seasons. Spring-flowering trees have already come into blossom at work. Very odd.

  2. There are plenty of times when I've wished I could skip winter altogether... crawl into bed and come out in spring... but there's something definitely awry when winter itself indulges in such behavior.