Friday, June 15, 2007

What's to come...

I am off this afternoon to the opening reception for the Business of Art Center show in Manitou Springs, after putting the final touches to the Salida Café show just a bit ago. The 59th (I think) Annual FIBArk is underway... every square foot of space downtown is littered with kayaks and their pilots. Whitewater racers from everywhere are in our little town, and it's pandemonium.

The pro races are fun to watch, but the REAL entertainment is tomorrow night at the Hooligan Race. Entry requirements? "If it floats and isn't a boat, it's an entry." You have to wear a PFD. They encourage helmets. And if you're too drunk, too bad-- no race for you. (Although I think for some of the "craft" I've seen, one would have to be a least a LITTLE drunk to think about riding down the river.) I'll try to get down there tomorrow night to watch, but in the meantime, here are a couple of shots from... hmmm... 2005, looks like.


  1. Thanks for the photos and rundown of FIBARK. Makes me feel a little bit like I am still "home", rather than in my new digs.

  2. That does look like fun! (But I stick by my comment on the karaoke.)