Sunday, March 23, 2008

On a roll?

Well. First thing this morning (Sunday, Easter) I had to march downstairs to ask my infuriating neighbors to please put their stereo volume at a civilized level. Not a good way to start the day. (sigh) Once upon a time this was a nice, quiet building. When I moved in, one of my neighbors was 77, the other 92. Loud stereos on Sunday morning were NOT an issue. At the beginning of last year the entire building population turned over, and it's just been a trial ever since. I am hoping to find a different place some time this summer, but a lot of the things required to make that happen are up in the air right now.

So. I will shortly head out the door to take a walk and hopefully clear the tension out of my system from this morning's rough start. BUT, before I do so...

During yesterday's little "down time" (it's rarely ever COMPLETELY down time), I started thinking about a new lino. I've a mind to tackle something larger again, but just now I have too much contract work taking my attention to really buckle down for such a thing. This image is (as usual) from here in my county... a wind-twisted pine on Mt. Antero. (Famous for its heart of aquamarine.) Small again, 6" x 8". And I already know it's at least 5 colors. Maybe even six! Woohoo!

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