Sunday, March 9, 2008

What lost hour?

I've been so out of touch lately that I didn't even realize until Friday that we were "springing ahead" last night. I don't understand why a) we did the winter change later than usual and are now b) doing the spring change earlier but I am c) absolutely NOT complaining.

Well, maybe I'm whining a wee bit. I'm just not ever convinced that I can afford to lose an hour, especially at this time of year. I went to bed a tad overwhelmed last night... the list of tasks in the week ahead is enormous.

Of course some people seem to able to get more out of the last few hours of a day than others. Enter Amie Roman over at Burnishings. I stumbled on Amie's lovely work at little while back... I think whilst checking out the possibilities of selling work on Etsy. You know how these things go... one click leads to another leads to another leads to hours of wandering about in cyberspace. (At the right: "Where the Lilies Grow" by Amie.)

Anyway, just last night (the short night), Amie and I struck up a little correspondence and this morning I discover she has linked to me six ways from Sunday. She's got techno-prowess AND printmaking genes! A goddess if ever I met one. And of course, now I have to poke around in all the new places she has led me: Squidoo, Wet Canvas, (Not whining about THAT.)

The weather lost no time in gracing us with some snow overnight. I confess I'm snowed-out for this season, but it could be worse. I could still be in Cleveland, where they've had "the snowstorm of the year." This shot from the window of a house I know well there... and this was before it REALLY started snowing.

For me today it's the start of two new illustration jobs... one in watercolor and one in linocut. Thursday I'm going to take a "Sherrie Art" day... that missing Hosho paper is supposed to arrive Wednesday.

Guess I'd better get busy.

Cleveland weather update: The Great Snowshoveling has begun there. Here in the Heart of the Rockies we've only had a couple of wet-springlike inches of the white stuff. I'm trying not to gloat. I'm told that nice, even little wall of snow is about 2 feet high near the house.


  1. Thanks for the booster, Sherrie! Glad you enjoyed getting so many links to waste, er, spend time with!

  2. More links to talented people.

    Whoosh! There go all my deadlines.