Saturday, March 29, 2008


Okay... so we've gone from whiter shade of pale to blueified to peachy. Movin' right along, eh? Greeniness is next. I feel like a feature on "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" or something. "Can you guess what the picture will be?"

Cloudy and unsettled outside today.... but me, I'm feeling reasonably sunny. I've been doing a little bit of "stuff" purging lately and I FINALLY made discernible progress. I couldn't figure out how I could take three boxes of books off to the local library book sale and still have no shelf space. And four bags of clothes to our local thrift store and still have no closet space. But yesterday I took out one more bag and, voila! Suddenly I have an entire empty closet bar! Must be that I finally got rid of the clothes I've been carting around since, oh.... let's see.... high school. (But that sweater is still in really good shape! Just because it hasn't fit in 15 years is no reason to abandon it!)

So... I think I'll head out for a little walk before the winds get cyclonic again. (Welcome to spring in the Rockies.) And then, back to carving for the next color!

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  1. Sherrie! Sorry. Can't think of a title. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! We need to catch up sometime!