Thursday, March 27, 2008

Um. I can't think of a clever title.

So.... invent your own! You have complete autonomy in this matter.

Second color went down on the new linocut today. The first one I pulled was a tad too light, so I "blueified" the ink some more before finishing the run. I think this will be satisfactory. I quite like that even at this stage the image begins to resolve itself.

We're presently experiencing parched March wind here in the Heart of the Rockies. Bad for people who want to go outside and play (it's 55 F and sunny today, but the wind is at a steady 20mph, with gusts near to 50)... but good for people who would like their prints to dry quickly so the next color can go on in, say, 2 days. I've got the carve for color #3 just about ready to go. It's gonna be orange-y. Oooooh!

This morning I shipped off some entries for the Creede National Small Print Show. It's a nifty little event, but I seem to lose track of the deadline every other year. Feeling quite smug, I am, to have gotten my act together this time. (Sadly, they don't have a website... but the exhibition takes place at the Creede Repertory Theatre.) I submitted the little print finished last week... and this one.... and... hm.... this one (the last version on the right).

Did you think of a clever title yet?

Me neither.


  1. It is coming together beautifully! What type of ink(s) do you use? Whatever they are, they really pop. :o)


  2. I'm presently using the Daniel Smith oil-based relief inks, but I think next time I'll try the Graphic Chemical ones, after your recommendation!

  3. "Twisted"

    I despair at titles. Good luck!