Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby steps

I'm experiencing an unusual amount of trepidation over the beginning of this new linocut. The trickiest bits seem to be right up front in the first few carves, and I'm much more accustomed to having the first color or two provide a bit of a "warm-up." It always seems to take me a little while to get in to the groove....

But not this time! Jumping in with both feet required, which must be why I'm dragging mine in a big way. First pass is carved, paper is torn down... all that remains is to mix the color and start pulling prints.

So, of course, I'm tidying my workspace, doing laundry, washing dishes, making salads.....

At the moment the plan is to set up tonight before bed so I can just tumble downstairs in the morning and start printing before I am awake enough to be nervous. In the meantime, I'm going to have lots of clean clothes and organized pencils.


  1. Sherrie I know the feeling. Even though you have the carving it is still like staring at a blank page. Yes my studio get tidied up in moments like this for me also.

    You can do it. Go for it.

  2. Sherrie - what do you draw on your block with so that it doesn't come off during the inking?

  3. :-) Thanks, goils... I'm fairly psyched up for the morning, so expect news tomorrow!

    Amie... I'm drawing with a fine point Sharpie. It fades a bit as I ink and clean up, but I can touch it up between colors when I need to. Once upon a time I tried using colored Chartpak markers. Bad idea... they came off in the ink! So far the Sharpie seems to stay out of the way.

  4. If you need more time to procrastinate, I'll offer you my own laundry and unorganized art supplies, no cost.

  5. Hey Jala, I missed you this round, but after I get the second carve done I might up for more laundry. I'll let you know!