Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday night miscellany

As anticipated, it was back to work for the DM and I today. As I type, Your Surrogate Cousin is practicing in the dining room, and I am tucked back in a corner of my studio trying to keep tunes from getting stuck in my head. (This has become an unexpected hazard of living with a musician. Who knew I'd dream the same song over and over and over and over if I didn't exercise some auditory caution on rehearsal nights?)

No real progress on the new pine cone lino this weekend, but I did tend to some other projects. At present I have a contract job which is requiring me to reach well out of my comfort zone: I'm being called upon to make "whimsical cartoony images"! Trepidation levels were high at the start of this process, but to my surprise and relief I'm actually enjoying the challenge. I'm not ready for the funny pages, but I don't think I'll completely embarrass myself.

I also spent a little time working on the Art House sketchbook project. I confess I've struggled mightily with this "assignment," but it's due in two weeks and I'm feeling compelled to get something accomplished.

The first issue was that I was unfamiliar with the paper in the little Moleskine cahiers, and it turned out to be completely unfriendly to any of my customary approaches. In the end I've yanked out half of the sheets (completely legal, honest!) and am tipping in papers I like much better. The most amusing to me is this accordion-folded sheet of watercolor paper with, surprise! "whimsical cartoony images" of some of our friends. The theme of the project is "everyone we know," and this page celebrates the fact that just about everyone we know has multiple occupations. We know biologist-writers and farmer-musicians and researcher-event planners and, well, you get the idea.

In other news, Katherine Tyrell over at the most excellent Making a Mark has made another of her amazing, information-packed posts. This one leads with a response to recent online printmaking buzz, and guess who got a nod again? It was definitely my week for "atta girls."

In the week ahead I shall attempt to live up to all this praise... as soon as the blushing recedes, of course.


  1. I like what you did with your book. I too struggled with the paper AND the size of the sketchbook.

  2. Oh yeah! LOL... the size. I expected the slightly larger version because I didn't know there WAS the tiny one... but there you have it! Another challenge. Whooppee!

  3. I hate the paper in those Moleskine books, I ripped mine out too for the last project... This looks great, Sherrie.

  4. Thanks, Pica... it's finally feeling like it's getting somewhere and that I might actually finish. Just a few more pages to go. Jafabrit has a nifty little slide show of her up on her blog.. I think I will try that!