Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Sunday night miscellany

Prints are drying, carving is happening, roses are opening ever-so-slowly. Your Surrogate Cousin is practicing and I am trying to organize for the week ahead.

A few little tidbits that might be of interest:

1) That rush job of "whimsical cartoony images" went live online this past week. Take the Birds and Climate Change Quiz at and you can see the crazy little things for yourself.

2) Jala Pfaff tagged me a little while back with a "random things about me" meme... have I gotten to it? No. Susan Tweit also tagged me with the "Happy Meme." I haven't done that, either. They're both producing lovely, worthwhile reads, though... so pop on over and see what they are up to.

3) If you haven't gotten your printmaking fix this week, you can also go over to Printsy and see Who's Printsy This Week.

4) And, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Look at my fabulous find at, well, Fabulous Finds, an antique store a scant 2 blocks from the house. I haven't tried to print with them yet, but you KNOW I had to have them.


  1. Ah, yes! We used to have a store in town which had a huge bin full of old Indian blocks. I bough a couple of small ones, but have not yet used them. (They need serious cleaning!)

  2. Friends brought a block back from Bhutan last year... I've been twitchy to get my fingers on it, too. :-)

  3. We just love our quiz! Are we allowed to have favorite pictures? If so, mine are #8 What to do when an unexpected bird shows up at your feeder (love the finch yelling at the penguin!) and #6 the meadowlarks looking for someplace to move, since it's getting too hot where they live and there is no suitable habitat further north (this picture is actually horribly depressing but I don't think most people pick up on it). I also quite enjoy #4, because I love dragging the bird drawings into the boxes. If we are not allowed to have favorites, we love them all. :-)

  4. Are these Indian? My husband is Indian and we saw a lot of these sort of things when we went. I love the old character of fact, I think I'd like to paint one. :)

  5. :-) Liz.... you can have favorites.... and then change them as you like. The penguin at the feeder made me chuckle when I thought of it (one of those lovely "pops in to your head as you read the text" sorts of events)... You'll be proud to know the DM scored of 8 today (the matching with move one is hard!)

    Jala, I actually don't know where these come from (other than the local antique mall). They didn't have any information on them... but I think they're pretty nifty. I almost inked them up when I was printing this morning, but I was afraid to goop them up. Silly me.