Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's all your fault

Really. I'm not kidding.

If you, oh adored readers, had not been so supportive of the crazy process of High Tide Detritus, I might not have been inclined to try THIS. But here we go.

The biggest challenge of this piece (I think) happens with the first carving. Argh. Those large, semi-open spaces are melting snow. Delicate, lovely shapes in real life... but precisely how I'm going to get that quality in lino is completely theoretical at the moment. The first carve will be for the whitest portions of these shapes, the first color to print will be an oh-so-pale blue -gray. After that? We'll just have to see, won't we?

During the arduous drawing-up I kept thinking that a wise person would do this image in black and white and be satisfied with the drama of all that line. 'Nuf said.


  1. Well, it would be an effective black & white, but I am excited with the prospect of the delicate nuances you'll manage to tease out in the colour reduction. Pulling up a chair to watch!

  2. Personally, I'm thrilled to be partly responsible for driving you to create something so beautiful, Sherrie. :)

    My only regret is not being able to look over your shoulder from here on in.

  3. Can I look over your other shoulder, please?

  4. looking forward to seeing this! :D Its crazy but looks great :)

  5. Standing right behind peeking over both shoulders lol!!
    Great work! Just think of all those extra brain cells that are getting a workout figuring out all the carving, printing and design issues!
    Keep thinking - it will be beautiful and spectacular!

  6. I'm infinitely curious as how you redraw the image between layers. or does the drawing somehow magically stay even after inking?

  7. Well, it's apparent I shall have to get a few more chairs, wider shoulders, and a larger tea kettle before this image gets too far along. I trust you all will be here to pick up the pieces if things go wrong.

    Marissa... the image is drawn with a fine point Sharpie. It stays on quite well through inking and cleaning, and if it starts to fade, I can redraw it fairly easily.

  8. OMG! It's gorgeous. It makes my fingers ache just to look at it though. I could never, never, never in a million years figure out how to pull that off. But you can.

    Richard just looked over my shoulder. He says it's stupendous. He's right.

  9. Wow!!!!

    I've just tagged you, by the way. (See my Feb.9 post.) :)

  10. Hello Sherrie
    This is interesting work I look forward to following your work again.