Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Apparent radio silence...

Just busy. This week's tasks:
  • Poster illustration. (Teaser portion here.)
  • More writing, illustration, design of nine scenic/historic byway interp panels.
  • Magazine illustration concept drawings.
  • Exhibition installation.
And of course, half of today was spent trying to figure out what to do about recent flakiness in our 100+-year-old plumbing. We tried to manage it ourselves, but didn't have a long enough snake. Plumber comes tomorrow. (sigh)

(OOOH! And I almost forgot! I've been working on the DM's new CD cover, too. Expect news in early summer!)


  1. Sounds like a whole bunch of perfectly good reasons to me.

    (And the wrod verification is 'dowse'. If the plumber turns up with a couple of bits of bent wire to locate the problem, remember it was foretold by blogger. Just sayin')

  2. hopefully the plumber can fix the problem. We have flakes in from the pipes in the bathroom, the pipes are getting old but will not be replaced until the council re-does the bathrooms in the next 5 years :/

    very busy week!

  3. Dowse? Oh, Snail... this makes me giggle. Last summer I was at a workshop off the coast of Maine.. dodgy cell phone reception. Every evening when sessions were finished I was amused to watch the assembled throng wandering around in the dark, staring at their glowing cell phone screen, dowsing for a signal.

    Perhaps that will work for satellite internet as well.

    Ooh... Jennifer... five years to replacement! Our problem is hopefully just a function of needing to have the system cleared. We're in an old house that was expanded a few times in the past, which probably means... erm... CREATIVE... ways in which newer plumbing systems were tied to old. We'll find out!