Saturday, April 25, 2009

What week? Revisited

Darn fingers on the keyboard. Previous post suffered from premature exposure, and before I could correct it, Jeff labeled it haiku! Can't very well change it NOW, can I? **

(**The previous post went away, so now you will all be confused by this statement. Except Jeff. Who will wonder where the haiku went. Never mind.)

It's been one of those weeks. The DM remains very much under the weather... I've been scrambling to get projects done... and suddenly it's Saturday night and I wonder what exactly happened to the week.

As proof that something productive is happening, here are two proofs of the nine new Collegiate Peaks Byway interpretive panels going off to fabrication next week. I'll still waiting on one photo and committee comments, but soon this project will be off to the next step. Hooray!

Also got the scans back for the sagebrush poster for Audubon-Wyoming, so I can get that wrapped up next week, too. Double hooray!

Now three more panels for a fish habitat improvement project in CaƱon City, two for a state wildlife area, and... wait... there's more!

But not tonight.

I did take a little time out for fun today (AFTER getting blood drawn at the Health Fair). Our local library (the best in the universe, in my humble opinion) sponsored a bookmaking workshop, so I went off to see what tidbits I could glean from someone else's presentation. We worked with bookcloth, which was new for me, and instead of PVA or paste we used heavy-duty (supposedly archival) double-stick adhesive sheets. Huh. Interesting. Nice, clean adhesion and no mess. We'll see how it holds up...

Anyway, I have a little green book now, AND a new target on my List of Places to Go Next Time I Go to the City. Denver Bookbinding. Probably another one of those places where I'll need someone else along to hold my checkbook.

That's pretty much the news here. Most of my "spare" energy has been devoted to fending off whatever nasty crud has such a firm hold on the DM. Successful so far... keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Darn! I missed the haiku.

    Am a great fan of interpretative signs. (It's the museum background, I think.) Those look great.

    *Word verification: horose. Which is a cross between morose and ... er ... something else*

  2. Poor David. We'll look back fondly on this time and remember how the epidemic got it's name: "Swine Flu DM". When Bailey and Rachel return from Mexico, I won't be going near them for three weeks. Nothing personal, of course. As for "horose," I do note that it is Tosaben for nettle rash.

  3. sorry to read DM is still unwell :( *crosses fingers* you don't get sick

  4. I've just had a nice long visit here and you have lifted my spirits.
    -Yes, I agree the K Tyrell is not one person but three. (A little like a certain omniscient person above?)
    _ I too ADORE fog and paint, photo it every chance I get. And I even live in the moisture laden area of Chicago.
    -Your hanging system for drying prints is too cute! as well as functional.
    -I thought my library was wonderful but any library that offers bookbinding has earned a knighthood.
    Thanks for a lovely visit.

  5. Lindsay, thanks for spending time here AND for taking the time to say so. You've made my day!