Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New arts resources and running away from home

I had a nice note today from the folks at Art Connect, who have included a review of Brush and Baren as part of their growing new resource. I confess I had a bit of a chuckle over the idea that this blog would have a "calming influence" when its author is generally running around like a headless chicken, but hey! I'm also flattered by the idea and by inclusion on this site.

Katherine Tyrell, who I already suspect is at LEAST three people, has launched yet another nifty resource for those of us who can't go in to book stores or art supply stores without someone else to hold our wallets. Pop on over to Making a Mark Reviews and join the fun. And then try to figure out how she manages to run such excellent blogs AND get art made.

Closer to home, Arts for Colorado just announced their new website. Looks nice so far... I have high hopes.

Closer yet, Salida ArtWorks has their blog up and running. For a small community, seems like we have an awful lot going on!

And after much waffling and mind-changing and uncertainty and such, it looks like the DM and I are going to take a couple of days off and get some space between our respective projects and our selves. Even as the garden mumbles "barely spring," the calendar screams "summer insanity just around the corner." Running away from home seems the best response, don't you think? So we shall, despite dire weather forecasts. Back on the weekend some time. See ya then!


  1. So does this mean you're stuck in Denver in the rain which is supposed to turn to snow too? We came up a day early to get ahead of the storm so I could be here for my weekend events, and now it looks like at least one of them will be cancelled. Jeez! I'd rather be home hoping it will really snow there, 'cause our valley needs every bit of moisture it can get.

  2. Thanks Sherrie - I can confirm that I'm just one person and that I am a bookaholic and I need somebody to take my plastic away from me before I enter a book shop.

    Unfortunately I have some very good art bookshops in London and my habit got the better of me again this week. I went to bed last night with the catalogue of Cezanne's watercolours!

  3. Hi Sherrie -Thanks for mentioning ArtWorks! Let me know if you have any input on how we can keep it interesting/improve it!

  4. Oh, Katherine, you might be pleased to know that someone recently declared that by lining the outside walls of one's home with shelves of books, one could considerably increase the R-value.

    Last year's move required more than 50 boxloads, just for the books. And this after I took 7 or 8 boxes worth to the library book sale and used book store!

    Susan- Hope you've made it home in one piece. I think by yesterday the roads should have been clear again? The word is we got a few inches of wet, gloppy stuff. Not as much as we'd like, of course.

    Lisa- I think you're doing a great job there!