Saturday, April 18, 2009

Why going away is a good idea, even in a blizzard

We just crawled in. As predicted, the weather for our little expedition was of the spring blizzard variety, so mostly we got where we were going and then assumed a semi-vegetative state for two days. Not exactly the original plan, but it was still good to get away from work and be mostly mindless.

The REAL kicker was that when we got home there was a message saying I sold four linocuts from the exhibition at Mother's Bistro this weekend. WaHOO!

There's an interesting pattern developing here: I generally print better in my pajamas, and I sell more work when I leave town. Can't say I mind either of these realities... but will it be possible to maintain them?


  1. You just need to get a wider range of PJs --- nightwear, daywear, eveningwear.

    The going away all the time is more of a problem, though. Hmmm ... Maybe someone with a good stats brain could analyse the variables of sales, time away and distance from home to see if there's a pattern.

    Yes, I do need some coffee. How did you know?

  2. :>D sounds a good plan

    love this one

  3. spend all day in your pjs and take lots of day trips?

    snail has the right idea. figure out if its distance that is the issue. maybe short trips to the store would work :p

  4. I'm sure there's some sort of 3-D graphing software on this computer. Somewhere. Maybe if I correlated amount of sleep, relative fashion value of PJs (generally negative data points), distance, time, and caffeine levels I would get.... something. Probably the graph would end up looking like the Loch Ness Monster or Tickle-Me Elmo, and THEN where would we be?

  5. I know I read better (translate that to "read more") and knit more while in my pj's with a good hot cup of coffee or tea. Regarding leaving town - I have no clue.

    I also know I just love this linocut - Birch (in northern Michigan) or Aspen (in CO)and the cabin.


  6. OK, I'll buy it(even without the back-up stats)-I'm going to dig out the purple satin jammies (sadly, true!)and camp with my lino.

    Congrats on good sales.

  7. The colours in this are just beautiful.

  8. Maybe we should start a new blog about PJ-Productivity. Maybe we could get a grant to study it. Maybe....

    What was it Snail said about coffee?

  9. Been wondering about how you made it home. We enjoyed dinner and cocktails on Thursday. When Rob says, "That was really fun!" and "I really like them!," I know it was good. He's a man who doesn't jump up and down when he's happy. I hope you had a good time in Golden!

  10. We made it home with only a modicum of stress. Elected to avoid the more direct mountain route, which by all reports sounded dodgy. No icy roads, but plenty of snow and standing water and backsplash and poor visibility the way we went. (Until halfway home, when it got completely clear, dry, and sunny. Love that Colorado spring weather.)

    Tell Rob we thought he was the bee's knees himself, and the visit to the old stompin' grounds was fun! Thanks a bunch.