Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to Hu

This tiny reduction linocut was completed a few days ago... it took two more passes after my pontification about lack of planning, and of course it looks entirely different from what I imagined. But I learned a few things in my experimenting, so overall a successful experience.

The DM is upstairs practicing sappy love songs to play at a gig this evening at Sugah's in Gunnison.

I have decided not to go along, despite the fact it's Valentine's Day and Sugah's has amazing food. (And tonight some darn good music.) The road over the pass has had quite a bit of snow the last few days, and as much as I don't like the idea of David making the drive alone, having Nervous Nellie along for the ride would certainly NOT help the situation. But work is work, so off he goes, and since we've made grand plans for next weekend together the gods of romance will still be appeased. (And okay, he already brought me roses. What a guy!)

Today is also the first day of the Chinese New Year. The Year of Hu. The Year of the Tiger.

"My" year. I'm a tiger.

Forecasts call for a tumultuous year (ya think?)... but thankfully a Tiger-and-Dragon household seems to be well-suited to weather the storm. Still, I've been feeling a lot of uncertainty and restlessness and no small amount of worry lately... a feeling shared by many, many of us. The long winter isn't helping.... this is one cat who is pacing a hole in the carpet.

Media isn't helping, either. We (thankfully) get no television reception save for PBS at our house, but still I feel inundated and overwhelmed by radio and internet headlines and the constant "chatter" from social media. It's time for a break. I expect to go "underground," or at least media-free, for a goodly portion of the week ahead. I'm going to design some sketching workshops for the farm, and experiment with prints. Draw. I even hope to spend a certain amount of time doing nothing. Just puttering. I'll have to turn on the computer for a few contract obligations, but plan to keep that to specified and limited hours.

Can I do it? I sure hope so. This is one Hu who needs a little cat-in-a-sunbeam time. Next to the roses. Sustained by chocolate. And sappy love songs.


  1. A tumultuous year? ANOTHER one? Ugh. Guess I'd better batten down the hatches (or keep them battened down, anyway)

    I so hear you about feeling inundated and overwhelmed by the media and all. My list of to-do things this year includes learning how to meditate! I think I desperately need to do that.

    Hang in there!

  2. We out here in the AZ Outback also do not get TV reception. The only people with TV are the ones paying for satellite service. I will not pay for TV! I don't miss it one teeny bit. We do get Netflix - choose the films we want to see and get about 1 per week. That's when I knit. :-D

    Good luck going underground for a few days.