Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ISO your exhibition experiences

Hey, printmakers! Do any of you have any experience with either the Lessedra or MiniPrint de CadaquƩs exhibitions? I've had invitations to submit work to both projects, but the entry fees are steep and I'm curious to know if anyone has feedback about them. Thanks!


  1. I also got an invite but decided the fee is too steep for me. But I know Brian H. (my printmaking journey) took part a couple of years ago and posted about it on the Wetcanvas printmaking forum.
    You should be able to do a search and find some info there.
    Good Luck,

  2. I participated in Lessedra a few years ago when I was trying to fill out my printmaking resume somewhat. It was a little cheaper then, but still not inexpensive. The end result was a beautiful catalogue of the artwork featured, and a couple of years later someone bought one of my prints that had been at the show, which they'd either seen in the catalogue or on the website or something. Here are a couple of my blog posts on the matter.

    Short answer: if you can afford it, the catalogue is worth the entry fee. If you can't, then stick closer to home (i.e. in North America). I know that BIMPE is coming up again this year in Vancouver, Canada, and I can personally attest that it is always a fabulous show, and as I've been involved with the hosting gallery for two of the years, I know for a fact that it's popular and there are a lot of sales. While the price has gone up slightly to $US40, it's still cheaper than Lessedra or Cadaques. And honestly, the printmaking represented is always phenomenal, and it's quite an honour to be accepted, because the competition is very challenging.

  3. Thanks Amie and Katka, I knew I'd read that someone I knew had participated, but couldn't remember who or when. Amie, thanks for the tip about BIMPE, that looks like a great one! I'll chew my nails a bit more before making a decision... it's always tough for me to decide the best place to put my exhibition dollars!

  4. Hi Sherrie,

    I used to enter the miniprint in Spain back in the eighties. I was always accepted and got a nice catalogue for my efforts.

    I agree that it's pretty pricey and that's why I don't participate anymore. Other than generating another item in one's list of shows I really question the value.

    I agree with the previous post that BIMPE is a better bet. I'm going to try and enter a wood engraving or two this year.