Monday, February 8, 2010

Printmaking experiments

I'm still thinking about a linocut project on a larger scale, but not quite ready to jump in. I am, however, experimenting a bit as I continue work on these small prints. I'd like to expand my textural repertoire, so I'm playing with overprinting and repeating and blended color passes. The new print in progress below, for example, is just two passes for multiple colors.

I also did my first experiments with gyotaku today. (Japanese-style "fish rubbing") It wasn't a huge success, I think mostly because we had very small trout to work with, and not larger fish with well-defined scales and fins. My cohort Roberta and I need to figure it out soon... we're planning to make fish prints with a group at the Colorado Art Ranch "Wade in the Water" Artposium in May! Any experienced fish printers out there have insider secrets to share?


  1. "Any experienced fish printers out there have insider secrets to share?"

    Are you aware of -

  2. I'm liking the the layers and overprint on texture design.

  3. I just love your small scale prints. Wonderful things come in small packages.

  4. check out my "gyotaku- the art of the fish print on youtube."
    Preparation of the fish is the key, and supporting it so it doesn't move during the process. A light coating of ink is better

  5. Hi DeeJay and Heather! Thanks for the information. I do know Jeanette's blog, and for some reason hadn't yet thought to look on YouTube. (d'oh!) Heather, it's a very lovely presentation.

    And Gabrielle and Toni, thanks for the experiemnt cheering section.=!

  6. I took a fabulous workshop with Mineo Yamamoto a few years ago with my mom, and we learned about the indirect method of fish printing. It was a great experience, and the results were incredible. If you ever get a chance to take a workshop with this gentleman, I highly recommend it. Good luck with your experimentation and enjoy your upcoming workshop!