Thursday, February 4, 2010

A lino for the road

Hmmm.. I was supposed to be on the road already this morning, headed to Colorado Springs for some meetings and errands and (hopefully) a little sketching escape, but we've had just enough snow to make me hesitate to head down in to the canyon just yet. The sun has come out here and we're melting fast, but my destination is still cloudy and the road report says "icy spots" all the way, so I'm twiddling my thumbs for a few more hours, hoping for improvement. Yeah, I am a driving wimp in the winter.

In the meantime, here's another little linocut that I was working on over the weekend, around and in between Denny's heron and another project. It's the same size as the mussels of the previous week, 3" x 3". One or two more of these itty bitty things are in order (I always feel compelled to do a little set), and then my attention will turn again.

I've been feeling quite non-verbal for a few weeks, so pardon the lackluster quality of conversation lately. The nice thing is that the constant chatter in my head has been flat, too.... ahhhh! Quiet.

Listen! Is that a house finch SINGING?


  1. Sherrie, Boy do I understand that internal quiet not much to say zone. Shame we don't honor it more.

    The lino is lovely. Don't hate me for this idea... have you ever considered taking an image like this into fabric?

    There's websites that can custom print yardage. (cant find the link right now.. (There's the little nightmare of designing the repeats...) but it would be lovely as upholstry material, etc

    I'm finding that folks will buy something 'functional" a bronze fountain instead of a bronze sculpture because it 'does something' instead of simply being beautiful.. sigh.

  2. ahh I am liking Patrick's suggestion of fabric. this piece above would be lovely.

  3. Oh, funny, you two! I was just having that whole "functional vs. simply beautiful" conversation with another artist only yesterday. I did some experimenting with the final carving on this little block... some repeating of the pattern and such... so you're not far off. I'll have to look for the fabric site, thanks Patrick!

  4. Hi Sherrie! Just thought I was over due for a visit. Love all of the new linos. I also think your etsy store is looking really wonderful!