Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring ahead? Not with THIS print.

There's a pile of stuff by the front door, ready to be schlepped to the car and then south to Monte Vista tomorrow. I'm delighted that the weather seems to be cooperating for Saturday's field sketching workshop... although I'd be even happier if the word "breezy" weren't in the forecast. (When the National Weather Service says it will be "breezy" around here it usually means hold on to your hat. Or sketchbook, as the case may be.)

The progress of the current linocut seems to be stretched out by a sudden flurry of other activities: workshops every other weekend, contract jobs getting off the ground, logistical planning for events this summer. Getting the third color down yesterday in the midst of all the other stuff was really satisfying.

I also spent a little time mucking about with the new baby press. I'm not yet completely in love, but I've heard that happens sometimes with new arrivals. Bonding is not always immediate.

I tried a little woodcut, my first since last summer's seminar at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. A small scrap of thin plywood served as the block, but I can't say I was satisfied with it as a matrix. Too splintery, and too much "plate noise" in the background. I am enjoying the experimentation process: using different papers and different combinations of blanket, tympan, and press pressure. In this case I was also making bleed prints, which I never do in lino.

After this weekend's workshop I'll only be home a couple of days before heading out again. Could this be the most protracted print production ever? Our clocks might be springing ahead this weekend, but linos are definitely dawdling.


  1. I hope all goes well this weekend for you, with a gentle breeze not howling gales!

  2. I hope it goes well too. I know its that way here in Naples FL. When they say's more like high winds up in Kentucky!