Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trying to find a groove

It's definitely a funky time here in the Heart of the Rockies. My schedule has been as erratic as the weather, which really doesn't do a darn thing for my productivity. Last weekend's out of town workshop was followed by one day of catching up and one day of nose-to-the-grindstone working before heading out of town again for three more days. This weekend has been all about catching up again.

The schedule calls for me to be away again this coming weekend, although I won't know for certain about that until tomorrow. The to-do list is getting longer rather than shorter. Does anyone else feel like they want the hour "lost" in the recent time change returned immediately?

I did get the fourth color pass carved and printed on the current linocut today. The evolution of this image is feeling extremely disjointed... I'm not at all sure where it's headed. Which, come to think of it, is how I feel about a lot of things right now. Hmm. Maybe disjointed is the groove?


  1. Hi Sherrie, not sure if you will remember me and my partner Dave from our days in Colorado before fleeing to Alaska. I am really enjoying catching up with your life here on your blog. One of your prints hangs next to my desk here in Alaska and I think of you regularly. I love the yellow color in this linocut, so rich!

  2. Does anyone else feel like they want the hour "lost" in the recent time change returned immediately?

    YES PLEASE. Desperately!

  3. Amy! Of "Amy and Dave and the Ken-Caryl banding station"? You have the saw-whet owl? Wow! It's fabulous to hear from you! Thanks for letting me know you're out there! How's things?

    Marissa... as soon as I figure out which office deals with returning stolen hours, I'll let you know. Maybe we could get a package deal.

  4. Hi Sherrie! Yes, of Ken-Caryl Dave and Amy. We are doing well, we have the Saw-whet Owl and a Tabor Lake print. Still in Alaska, Dave is still working at ABO while take photographs and guiding on the side ( I'm working at an environmental consulting company.

  5. Ahhh... Is this a print of water, Sherrie? I think it's going to be very cool!!

  6. Re: lost hour.
    I'm wondering whether Colorado could annex Arizona, or at least follow their wise decision in ignoring the whole spring-forward-fall-back shenanigan. Howzabout if we get it back, with interest? Compounded daily?

    Surely this, "I have no earthly idea what this is that's forming," isn't a new nor unusual experience for you. Or are you one of those, like that durn Mozart, who sees the creation fully-realized, before starting? Seems that's what we do: Heed the call, staying with the conversation long enough to see what it's about---sometimes not realizing until after it's appeared to have ended.

    Enh, I'm a writer. And X-chromosome deficient. I might be mistaken about this

  7. Amy... right! I forgot about the lake print. Checked out Dave's site and blog, I'll stay in touch. Thanks so much for popping up to say hi, it's great to connect the dots again. (Tell Dave I invoke the chickadees/bluejays soundbite all the time. See if he remembers.)

    Jill! Yes!

    Eduardo! Double yes! Please, time compounded with interest.

    No, I never "see" things fully realized in my head, but I do generally have an idea I'm headed towards. (I was going to say I have an impression of where I'm headed, but that's a too-obvious printmaker's joke.) After today (see above) I'm realizing there's a significant portion of this image that hasn't been well-planned a'tall. Could be trouble.