Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yeah, I decided the blue was a little too dark. Too bad, really, because it meant an additional pass that wouldn't have been necessary if I'd been paying better attention.

So now it's time to get nervous about a bunch of tiny little color bits in the middle of the print. Registration? I think it will be challenging.

And of course there will be another interruption before all this is through, since I'm off again this weekend to teach a field sketching workshop at the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory's headquarters at Barr Lake State Park. (There's still room in the class, so if you're in the Denver area, come on out!)


  1. Hi Sherrie

    Its looking good I like how the blue works with the yellows.

  2. I like the blue too, Sherrie but I don't know where you are going so I'll sit back, confident that, as ever, you will reach a beautiful finale.

  3. That stopping and starting thing is the bane of my existence. So hard to put a print down, and then so hard to pick it back up with the same energy. Enjoy your sketching workshop!

  4. Love the colors!!! Hope your sketching workshop is fun!

  5. Is fascinating to watch and read your process, I think the push and pull process of creating a piece like this can be one of the most frustrating but also rewarding ones to go through. thanks for sharing your process with us.


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