Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to linocutting

Yippee! I'm back to work... at least temporarily. The small linocut I started last week with the new "mini jig" is intended for use as a reduction printing demonstration, so today I got it to the point at which I can show both carving and printing steps in the allotted program time. The mini jig, most of my carving tools, ink knife, block and ink are now bundled into a box to be shipped to the demonstration venue tomorrow. It's perhaps a day or two earlier than I need to ship everything, but better safe than sorry, I always say.

It felt good to be carving and printing today, although after all last week in the car and all day yesterday at the computer I found myself struggling with neck and shoulder issues. (sigh) Good thing tomorrow is Fieldwork Friday again, eh?


  1. Hi Sherrie, no wonder you couldn't sleep. How exciting is this! Have a great Fieldwork Friday.

  2. Lovely--you'll be a hit at Birds and Art (and not just for your linocut demo)!

  3. :-) Thanks Lisa and Susan... and welcome, Heedless!