Monday, September 19, 2011

Even MORE linocut icons!

Yep, a few more images were recently added to the tick list for the Southeast Colorado Heritage Area project. After so many weeks of running around like a headless chicken it feels good to get back to carving and printing, and "simple" black-and-white linocuts have proven to be the perfect limbering-up exercise for atrophied printmaker muscles.

I love a pile of lino kanoodles, don't you?

At least I only had to clean off 7 plates this time, not the 18 of the last set.

Yes, they're hanging on the drying rack, now...not all over the table.

There are exciting things afoot here... stay tuned for a couple of big announcements later in the week!


  1. You are a machine, Sherrie - that's all I have to say ;). Well, that, and I can tell how wonderful these are even with the indirect views of them.

    I bet it felt great to get back into the studio and carve up some lino blocks!

    (did you guys get any of that drenching rain and high elevation snow from the recent storms?)

  2. From what I see here you look very limber and excited to be using those printmaker muscles! I'll stay tuned.