Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lucky Me! (aka Seaside Studios' blogoversary)

One of the things I most love about blog writing and blog reading is the opportunity to meet (virtually, at least) friends and colleagues from many corners of the world. I'm alternately inspired and humbled by hard-working artists in a variety of media. Thank you all!

In August my virtual colleague Lisa Le Quelenec at Seaside Studios celebrated her first "blogoversary" with a gift-away. To my great surprise and delight, her independent ajudicator (Ducky) selected my name as giftee! (The only other thing I can remember ever winning was a collapsible camping table that says "National Wild Turkey Federation" on it. Long story.)

"Storm at Southbourne" arrived last week in a happy little parcel from across the Atlantic. (Gift wrapped with a bow, even!) At present it perches above my desk, reminding this land-locked creature of the smell of the sea and of the generosity of artists everywhere. Thank you, Lisa, both for a lovely painting and for continuing to share your endeavors with the world.

Storm at Southbourne
acrylic on paper 13x12cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec


  1. Morning Sherrie, thank you for the shout out. I'm glad that you like the little painting. (Ducky sends his love) Have a great week.

  2. how strange whilst looking for reduction lino inspiration i found you and stopped awhile to admire your beautiful work from the other side of the world and, looking at your blog, find that you have received a painting from an artist who lives two minutes from my house of the stretch of beach i walk every day. :)

  3. Hi Sarah... Nice surprise for both of us! Thanks for stopping by, and wave hello to Lisa if you see her!