Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birds in Art: Highlight of *any* year

"The most amazing indoor birding opportunity anywhere!" It's just one of the superlatives attached to the annual Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. I can think of a whole lot more, but I'm going to try to keep this post under 1000 words, eh?

The 2011 edition of Birds in Art (the 36th since the show's inception in 1976) includes more than 120 paintings, graphics, and sculptures created by artists who bring a global perspective to their passion for birds. To my great honor and delight my linocut, "Ripples," was among the works selected from nearly 1000 entries for this year's exhibition.

That's the corner of a piece by Frank LaLumia on the left edge.
Yeah, "our corner" rocked.
The Woodson Art Museum staff are the cream of the crop, and the exhibition is always a masterful blend of great art, efficient and detail-perfect organization, and enthusiastic community involvement. It's a huge honor to be included in the show, and mind-boggling to be treated to such an artists-as-rockstars opening weekend.

Not to worry. The rumbles you felt last Friday were the stars aligning to
FINALLY bring friend and honored colleague Debby Kaspari and I together
in the same geographic location. First time EVER, despite knowing each other
for several years now. That's Debby's awesome piece on the wall behind us.
Everything happens so fast during the weekend: from the first reception (there are three) to the presentation of the Master Artist award (this year to Jim Coe), from an elegant patron dinner to a cutthroat croquet match on the lawn. It's a blur.

"Project Postcard" was by all reports a huge success at the Friday evening preview reception, and during the Saturday morning opening I took my place alongside seven other "Artists in Action" who were all offering demonstrations of their particular work processes.

Another nice touch was a small exhibition of works from the Museum's extensive drawing collection which featured pieces by artists who had been juried into Birds in Art this year. (We neglected to get any photos, but I was tickled to see my drawing hanging next to that of another friend, Barry Van Dusen.)

Engaged, thoughtful, and appreciative. Couldn't ask for a more fun audience.
Or more perfect weather!

Sixty-seven of the artists included in the show made the trip to Wausau for the event, including three from Japan and others from England, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and Canada.

Best of all were the opportunities to see old friends and to make many new ones. Still, I look at my list of weekend attendees and realize how many people I barely saw or had time to visit with. (sigh) Ah, well... it's good incentive to try again next year.

 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, 12th and Franklin Streets, Wausau, WI (USA).
Tuesday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
(Thursday until 7:30 pm during Birds in Art and first Thursday of each month)
Saturday-Sunday, Noon - 5:00 pm
Closed Monday and holidays. Free Admission Always.

Here we are! But, oops. I think Jim Morgan's head got cut off. Don't tell him.
Colorado artists were well-represented again this year.
Back row, left to right: William Alther, Wes Hyde.
Front row, left to right: Daniel Glanz, Dena Kirk, Sherrie York, Frank LaLumia.
Ned Aldrich, where WERE you?
The Wisconsin artists held up three fingers as a "W". The Michigan artists
did their "mitten" gesture. Colorado artists? We're the Square State. Of course.
One last shot of the DM and me all gussied up for the patron dinner.
Just to prove we clean up okay.


  1. Congratulations, although I can't say I'm at all surprised your mallard linocut made the "cut" for this show ;).

    Looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. Sherrie I have been following your site for a while , courtesy of a friend that I know about you and congratulations for Birds in Art exhibition and I clicked onto Debby Kaspari's works and they too are mind blowing, just beautiful.Thank you ladies for giving joy through your amazing talent.

  3. Congratulations Sherrie! You are an "artist/rockstar"!

  4. Oh, Sonya... I actually GOT that joke. Not sure what it says about either of us.

    Alison, welcome... and I'm glad you're getting to know Debby's work, too. She's fabulous!

    Thanks, Carole... I wonder if this means I should start trashing hotel rooms? Nah...

  5. What a fantastic event! Congratulations, your success is well deserved.

  6. Congratulations Sherrie! It looks like it was a high-energy and fun event and your honor is well-deserved. Having your print chosen from among all those paintings is especially impressive to me, as prints are often overlooked. Nice.

  7. Congrats Sherrie! How awesome to have a piece accepted into Birds in Art. Ripples is such a wonderful piece; obviously the selection committee has good taste!

    And to get to finally be in the same room as Debby - could your weekend have been any better???

    And by the way, you and the DM wash up real nice.

  8. You and the DM do clean up pretty spiffily. And what a treat to learn more about the show, and to see your "Ripples" on the wall. Woo-hoo! (But the square state? Surely there's something to throw down that's more, well representing than that...)