Saturday, December 24, 2011

Warm wishes from a cold landscape

It's been coooolllllllddddd and snowy here in the Heart of the Rockies! We were graced with a big snowstorm on the winter solstice and sub-zero temps have followed, but we're happy and thankful to have a warm house, supportive community, and each other. (A mug of chocolate and schnapps doesn't hurt, either!)

From the heart of Studio V– Thanks for reading Brush and Baren, for leaving comments insightful to amusing, and for expanding my community of friends and colleagues to many corners of the world. I send sincere wishes for all good things in the year to come... for you, your work, your friends and families, the places you live and the lives you love.

Looking up the Arkansas River from the F Street bridge, Collegiate Peaks
and the Continental Divide in the background.
Looking back downstream towards the bridge.

In the summer this spot on the river has a shallow, sandy eddy we call "the beach."
Not so much in December.


  1. Happy holidays, Sherrie! That looks absolutely stunning.

  2. Wow, you guys got a lot more snow over there than we did in town here - the Arkansas looks beautiful all gussied up like that :).

    Happy Holidays and best wishes to you for 2012, Sherrie!

  3. Beautiful!
    Warm wishes to you, too, Sherrie.And may you find the "right" paper.

  4. Lovely! I hear the birding wasn't too bad this morning, despite the cold... May 2012 bring all sorts of good news your way, and even some good printing paper!

  5. Wonderful photos. I have enjoyed your blog since I found it, just wish I could do as you do. Have a lovely time at this the holiday season.

  6. Everything looks so lovely! Here in Topeka there's still patches of green grass and lots of brown. Winter shows up around mid-Jan./Feb.. New Year's Eve was 60! some of the cold and none of the beauty.