Monday, March 3, 2014

Linocut in Progress: The puffiny face

Three colors in quick succession today. Have I mentioned how much I love working at home again? Crikey. A long walk this morning (complete with bald eagles and lots of mergansers) and then printing... and errands... and more printing. Yay!

Puffin linocut: Step 2. Big, fat yellow in the bill, spot inked.
Puffin linocut: Step 3. Small orange areas spot inked.
Puffin linocut: Step 4. Red-orange bill and eye detail.
 Clearly I need to figure out a set-up for photography of work in progress in my new studio configuration. Light in general is spotty. Overall the room is bright, but work area lighting leaves something to be desired.

Hopefully by tomorrow these three little areas will be dry enough for another overall transparent gray pass and one more bit of color detail in the bill. Then it's on to the bird and the background!


  1. Looking good. How big is this? Comparing the size of the paper with the size of your chairs, this looks like quite a big print to hand pull with a baren.

  2. I have been following for awhile now n really love your work n blog. Thank you for sharing all of your valuable knowledge and talent. I have mainly worked with woodcut using a wet pack. Question is do u work with wet paper in Lino, battleship Lino or other, oil or waterbased inks? Thank you !

  3. Hey Stuart... yes, biggish... 12" x 18" (let's see... in "real" measurements that's about 30 x 46 cm, I think). A bit challenging with a baren, but not horrible.

    Welcome, Carrol... thanks for being brave and asking your questions... I'm always happy to answer if I can!

    I'm working with "battleship" lino, dry paper, oil-based inks, and printing by hand with baren. The paper at the moment is Awagami Kozo.

    1. Thank you, looking forward to a linocut adventure !

  4. can you please describe "spot inking"?

  5. Indeed, "Anonymous," I have a photo all ready for the next post! Stay tuned!