Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Linocut in Progress: Back to the yellow rectangle

There's no resting on laurels (or snow shadows) around here! I took the weekend to catch up with exciting things like bookkeeping and bill paying and long-neglected emails, but Monday morning it was back to work on that yellow rectangle.

I printed the third pass of this linocut during a pause in the progress of "Shadowplay," but didn't post it because there wasn't much to show. Really. Not much to look at here:

"Fleeting," reduction linocut, Step 3

If you squint you might be able to tell that there are now two yellow-y colors and a peach-y one. The ink in this third pass was again a transparent lavender-pink.

After some more carving I pushed the ink color even more towards lilac, but kept it very transparent.

It's a lovely color, but of course being transparent it looks completely different on the print.

"Fleeting," reduction linocut, Step 4

With this step I think the cat is out of the bag in terms of subject matter. Or maybe it's more accurate to say the tree is out of the forest.

This is a large-ish piece, 12" x 18" (30 x 46 cm), and I have a LOT of carving to do now. Many, many tree trunks crossing in front and back of each other make for some confusing moments with the carving tools! But I'm having fun so far, especially since I'm working with an entirely different color palette from the previous piece. (There is not ONE bit of blue in this print. Not. One.)


  1. YET, Sherrie. There is not one bit of blue YET.

  2. ack! no lilac! almost every council house we moved into has been lilac lol its a horrible colour when its on walls :p

    looking really nice and bright tho :D

  3. No, really, Jennie... no plans for blue. ;-)

    But quite possibly more lilac. Don't tell the other Jen.

  4. lol, the lilac looks good here but when its on the living room and bedroom walls its a bit much. we figure lilac paint must have been on sale 15 year ago for it to be everywhere :p