Sunday, November 1, 2015

Proof Press for Sale: Rehoming Presszilla

Ah, Presszilla. You might remember when she came in to my sphere, or you might not. It WAS four years ago, after all. You can see her arrival here.

Sadly, Presszilla and I have never been able to develop a relationship. When she arrived I had no space for her so she went into storage. Some time later life got complicated and I no longer even had a space for myself, so she moved from one storage location to another. Once Presston came on the scene it became clear that I wouldn't have time or space for her for a long while... so reluctantly I need to find her a new home.

As a hand-operated press she's perfectly functional, although a bit dusty from a long time in storage. I do have the inking assembly and motor for her, although they were disconnected long ago and at present the rollers are missing. Turning her back in to a production letter press machine will take a little bit of elbow grease, and possibly the machining of new rollers if her old ones don't turn up. (Someone local had them at one time, and I'm trying to track them down.)

She's here in Salida, Colorado at present, so probably not a candidate for international relocation. But if you've always wanted a proof press... and maybe a project... and little road trip to south central Colorado...send me an email (sy (AT) and we can chat.

Challenge Proof Press - Series K, front view

Paper hood, inking roller assembly, and motor

Inking roller assembly and motor, from the top

Press, back view


  1. Perhaps we could arrange an old Mustang for an old press? It still leaves freight, though...Nice idea, but perhaps flawed.

  2. I'm laughing because I had the EXACT same thought, Dinah!

  3. She is lovely and I would adopt her but my other presses would probably have a fit.... I won't even say what my dear husband would do, even though he is fantastic at moving my presses❗️

  4. Hubby would consider this a challenge to get back in proper working order if we were closer lol

  5. Well, Moose... if you know anyone else up there... let me know! Would be nice to keep her close by.

    Although Mr. P. is probably precisely who she needs. I wonder, Jen, if we could put her on a boat... ;-)

  6. i hate to think of the costs to ship here lol