Friday, October 30, 2015

Linocut in Progress: TGIF(OF)*

*Thank Goodness It's Finished (On Friday).

As expected, a couple of days out of town and away from the studio brought everything to the "just right" stage of dryness. I rolled in last night and collapsed into bed, and this morning I rolled straight out of bed and over to the press for a session of "pajama printing." (That's printing which happens before I have breakfast or change out of my jammies.)

The final dark is subtle... one more reason why it was such a headache to get a decent photo of the image. The irony is that my phone camera did a better job with the blues than my "good" camera did, but I think after some tweaking I got it close.

"Shadowplay," reduction linocut, 18" x 18," ©Sherrie York

This piece is destined for the National Western Club Show, in conjunction with the Coors Western Art Show in January. It will be my first time exhibiting at this prestigious event, and I'm looking forward to connecting with artist friends new and old, as well as new collectors.

I need to get back to the "yellow" piece that I started last week, but first I need to take a little break and catch up with all the tasks that have been neglected while I tamed this particular beast. You know, things like bill-paying and grocery-buying and laundry-washing.

But maybe I'm first going to try nap-taking. I think I'm due.


  1. yep, you def. deserve a nap after that one :) really nice finish :)

  2. Serendipity! By chance, a blog comment lead me back to some old Flickr photos and I found one from you, about learning to drive in a Mustang!I have replied there, but,as Flickr doesn't always tell us such things...
    And the serendipity? This is so like my treasured "Dark and Deep" which recently went back on my wall after we repainted the house!
    I'm putting you back in my news feed. Hope all is well.

  3. Thanks, Jen.... I'm still trying to find time for that nap.

    Dinahmow! Fantastic to hear from you... yes, it's been a long time. Freight would certainly be a problem for the Mustang. Maybe I should move myself Down Under instead! Might be easier... or not. Thanks for getting in touch again, it's nice to reconnect.

  4. Sherrie, You keep getting better and better! Imagine. Practice really does make perfect. Ok, not perfect but definitely gorgeous and full of depth. Love this one and excited to see what's next.

  5. Thanks, Wendy. I have to say that having the press now is giving me room to try all sorts of things I wouldn't have had the patience or bravery to try by hand. It gets me in to trouble once in a while... but it's still exciting.