Saturday, November 7, 2015

Linocut in Progress: Can't see the forest for the... um.. incompleteness?

Slowly, slowly the aspen forest emerges.

"Fleeting" reduction linocut, Step 5

There are many more tree trunks in this image, but this is reduction printing and I have to think not only about color but also about transparency. I really want the leaves to hold most of the brightness, so it was time for a medium yellow.

But of course I want some luminosity in the trunks, also, so it's a bit of a dance.

Some of the leaves are in shadow, so a darker gold came next.

"Fleeting" reduction linocut, Step 6

Okay. That's fairly satisfying, but now it's time to go back to the trunks. There are some in the distance which are more brown, and others that are more lavender. Time to spread some more of Jennifer's favorite council house lilac around. ;-)

"Fleeting" reduction linocut, Step 7

It looks rather pink here, but I think (I hope) that when I put the next color down I'll be able to swing it a little more purple-y. I don't hate this color, in fact I think it will work for the lighter bits of the more brown tree trunks, so that's what I will carve for next.

The block itself is getting visually confusing. It's hard to remember where I'm headed next.

I don't think there's a lot of carving for this next stage, so hoping to get at least two more colors down this weekend.


  1. lol yep we even named the colour council house lilac :p

    really like this, the colours really shine

  2. Such a fascinating process. I'm so glad you share your step by steps.