Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Change of perspective

You know, in "the olden days," BDM (Before Darling Man), I used to relish holidays as a GREAT time to catch up on work. Two or three days in which I knew I wouldn't be interrupted by clients, or pretty much anyone else... it was perfect! I'd work all weekend, send everything off to clients on the last evening, and THEN (maybe) take a day off when everyone else went back to work.

Those halcyon* days seem to be in the past. The DM actually likes to do stuff other than work on the weekends. I don't get it! But I admit that our little jaunts on Monday were fun.

First thing in the morning we went to the top of "S" Mountain (AKA Tenderfoot Hill), the iconic conical peak directly across the river from town. It's always good to get a different view of the place one lives, I think. If you knew where to look, you could see our house from here.

I used my camera to take a little video of the panorama, but we're waiting for the DM to put a new soundtrack on it. Right now all you can hear is the ear-splitting whoosh of the wind through tiny microphone.

After that we popped home to grab some snacks and headed just out of town to Castle Gardens. This is a fabulous little area of BLM land... great rock formations and ancient junipers among the piƱon pines. Unfortunately it's also crossed in many places by the tracks of dirt bikes. (sigh) We heard some further up the canyon but never actually saw them. Otherwise we had the place to ourselves.

So now it's back to work like everyone else. I spent a goodly chunk of yesterday writing text for a new set of interp signs, and will do so again today. I've also been charged with a little more photo research for the fine team at National Audubon, and of COURSE I want to finish the little bitty linocuts I started last week. Here, a monarch and a damselfly... image size 2.5 x 2.5, editions of 15.

(* Hey, bird-types... we should be using this word more often in our daily conversations. It has to do with kingfishers, ya know. )


  1. Hi Sherrie
    I'm getting caught up on your posts. Loving the little linocuts especially the Monarch. I just may have to buy one of them.

  2. And a damselfly for me -- fascinated by those critters. Tried to look at your website to see if you've got purchase information up yet for the little linocut series, but all my browsers give me a "not found." I'll look later.

    Margie Joy

  3. Hi Sherrie--

    Just found your blog and thought I'd let you know that I really enjoy it and your work.



  4. No, I didn’t know…a mythical bird, huh? Funny, I do (now) remember wondering about the genus Halcyon when I found it in my new field guide.

    Soooooooooooooo…what do you think of the Lynx, the Damselfly and….I dunno, a plant, a bird, a frog? Darnit, I can’t see ‘em all!

    Okay, I’ll wait.

  5. Hi, Ladies!

    Okay, okay... here's the plan. I need to carve a couple more of these itty bitty things, and then I'm going to set up a "blog readers' special" page for them on the website. It will be a few more days, as I just got back AGAIN from being out of town, and have to go AGAIN this weekend. But I promise!

  6. I no longer live in Salida but we used to go to the top of "S" mountain and look for and find our house - 15 Poncha Blvd. :-D

    Do you happen to have any turtles in those linocuts?

    Lindy now in the AZ Sonoran Desert

  7. Hi Lindy! Yup, I think there's a box turtle to come... I have to go get more blocks in the morning! :-)


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