Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's HERE!

And so, my fine and patient Brush and Baren readers, the secret surprise for you is finally accomplished.

There exists in a secret spot on my website, a page reachable only from this very location. (At least it's secret until October 15, when I'll let the rest of the world in on it and link it to the main website.) But for the next month, it's all about Brush and Baren readers.

So what's on this fancy, special page? Images of little tiny linocuts AND the ability to purchase them internationally through PayPal. How cool is that? My first foray into e-commerce has begun. (So please be kind and let me know if things aren't working correctly. We could run domestic tests, but not international ones....)

Unfortunately the shopping cart doesn't work if you'd rather just send me a check, but you can shop the page and make a list and email it to me, and we can manage the finances that-a-way.

The other special deal is that the "tiny linos" are only $15 USD each for faithful readers. Price goes up after October 15, but there you have it.

Groovy, eh?

So here's the link. And I've put it in the sidebar, too, so you can always get to it. I'll be adding more images as I get them finished... which I plan to do as soon as I get over the fact that the lumber yard let "my" carpenter go hunting this week! Who's going to cut my blocks?


  1. How cool is that?

    It's tres cool!

    I'll be checking out the PayPal link when I get home, so I'll let you know if it works for international customers.

  2. It works! It works! Thanks, Snail. (And I promise to keep your secret identity safe from the likes of Lex Luthor and The Joker. Even if you DO work with them.) ;-)

  3. Goody!

    Look forward to putting them up on my office wall.

  4. Very cool, Sherrie. I just put in an order for three.

  5. Got it, Susan, thank you. They're on the way.

    I wonder if I should start a pool: which little one will sell out first? The favorites have already emerged! :-)

  6. These are sooooo wonderful! Can't wait to hang them on my wall.

  7. Oh lucky you...three! Well, I got two: the damselfly and the boreal toad…If I could get my water-leak found and fixed without having to take out a second on my home…I may have to try for the snail, too!

    They’re awesome…on wonderful paper and beautifully packaged, to boot! I can’t believe how fast they got here, either…two days! WOW

    So tell me, do you also sell the blocks? Just curious…I bet they’re neat,

  8. Turtlewoman needs the turtle so I will wait to order until it is ready. :-D

    Lindy from AZ (formerly of Salida:)

  9. Hey Lindy.... sorry the turtle is slow... I'm hoping my block-cutting guy will be back from hunting tomorrow and in a good mood!

  10. Hi Sherrie--
    Just got mine in the mail. They're delightful! I got the snail, blanket flower, and damselfly. I can't say which is my favorite--I like them all!

  11. Hi Susan, thanks for letting me know they arrived.

    And, WHEW! Ves the Carpenter is back today, and I have him cutting little blocks for me as I type. Hopefully I'll be back to work tomorrow!

  12. Yay! Thanks for letting me know they got there, Snail.


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